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“Key Trends in Digital Humanities — How the Digital Humanities Challenge the Idea of he Humanities.” Digital Humanities at Claremont Colleges (DH@CC) Spring Symposium, Claremont Colleges. 18 February 2015.

  • Abstract: How do such key methods in the digital humanities as data mining, mapping, visualization, social network analysis, and topic modeling make an essential difference in the idea of the humanities, and vice versa? Using examples of digital humanities research, Alan Liu speculates on the large questions that confront the humanities in the face of computational media–most importantly, questions about the nature and function of interpretive “meaning.”

“[TBD]” Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures, University of California, Davis. 3 March 2015.

“Against the Cultural Singularity: Toward a Critical Digital Humanities.” ‘History and Theory of New Media” lecture series, Berkeley Center for New Media, University of California, Berkeley. 5 March 2015.

“[TBD].” Texas Digital Humanities Consortium conference, University of Texas at Arlington. 11 April 2015.

“[TBD].” Bucknell University. 27 April 2015.