Creativity & Collaboration: A Project on New Modes of Authorship

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About Creativity & Collaboration: A Project on New Modes of Authorship

This website was produced by an English course taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the Spring Quarter of 2006. It is composed of twelve brilliant students (see class members), and the bright, intelligent, and physically breathtaking Professor Alan Liu. They are specializing their focus in Literature and Culture of Information; a division within the English Major. This website is the collective product of their revelations, knowledge, and research.

The class has been divided into three specific areas of study: Creativity, Collaboration and Intellectual property. Within each group, the members have been given the freedom to explore any concept or notion that falls under their main subject of study, as well as the ability to edit the work of their classmates. Students were also able to familiarize themselves with the MediaWiki software. Over a period of ten weeks, the class has compiled a thorough web database of information on their respective subjects of interest. This information is cross-referenced throughout the site to provide you the viewer with the ability to extract this information in a way that best benefits you. Welcome, and enjoy!

Our Mission Statement

The goal of English 194 has been to address the themes of creativity, collaboration, and intellectual property, and the relationship between all three. We also have aimed to find the distinctions between each, since all topics are highly debatable. In addition, the wiki environment is crucial in the personal discovery of how collaboration operates on the internet, a new communications medium.

For more specific information, see:

A project of English 194 (Spring 2006), an undergraduate course in the Literature and Culture of Information specialization, Department of English, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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