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"Goblin Market," by Christina Rossetti

Portrait of Christina Rossetti by Dante Gabriel Rosetti

Laura and Lizzie are two sisters who are constantly being tempted by the vendors of the Goblin Market. These venders claim they have the ripest, best tasting fruit, and that may be so, but what is tasteful to the mouth is deadly to the body. Laura seems more interested in the fruit than Lizzie, as Lizzie warns Laura not to eat such fruits and reminds her of their friend Jeanie who died as a result of eating those fruits. Eventually Laura gives in to the temptation and buys some fruit with a lock of her hair and a tear. After she eats the fruit she craves more, but can only hear the goblins cry, she can no longer see them. She drives herself crazy yearning for more fruit. Finally her sister Lizzie decides to go buy some fruit to ease her sister's pain. She leaves with a penny to buy some fruit, but the goblins get upset that she will not eat it. They try to force feed her with no luck and end up squeezing the juices of the fruit all over her. With that she runs home and has Laura lick the juices off her and Laura is then restored back to normal.

Full Text of "Goblin Market"

Initial Brainstorming/Ideas for "Goblin Market" Project

Collage of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Goblin Market and a fruit market
  1. Interactive map/images.
    • Images for each scene with objects which can be clicked on
      • Example: An image of a market with clickable fruit: "Crab-apples, dewberries,/Pine-apples, blackberries,/Apricots, strawberries" (ll.12-14)
    • Links on the image
      • Can allow the player to choose what links to click on
      • Interpretation: Need to come up with various results after clicking on links
    • Possible ideas on how to mimic rhyme of poem
      • Music?
      • "Flying, running, leaping,/Puffing and blowing,/Chuckling, clapping, crowing,/Clucking and gobbling,/Mopping and mowing" (ll.332-336)
  2. Board game
    • Path on the board with spaces to progress towards saving Laura
      • Different scenes on the board game
    • Players
      • Would all players be Lizzie trying to save the sister? Or include other possible characters as players? Goblins, Jeanie, and Lizzie?
    • Situation Cards
      • Various choices: fruits, Goblins, Lock of hair, etc. all represent something so that the player either progresses or regresses in the game ex: "You have been captured by a goblin and must eat a melon"
      • Word challenge: Saying line outloud in a certain amount of time can be a form of a challenge in a situation card
      • Purchasing the fruit: hair vs. penny

Project Concept

Escape from Goblin Market

In the board game Escape from Goblin Market, players take on the role of Lizzie and experience her heroic journey through the goblin market full of goblin men and their tempting fruit. With silver pennies earned in the early stages of the game, players can defeat the violent goblins by tossing them a silver penny or two. Players can also participate in several challenges which will allow for more silver pennies to be earned or to advance on the board. If a player runs out of silver pennies, they have the option to pay with a precious lock of hair, but this option comes with consequences. As they journey through the goblin market, players must collect the juices of the goblin fruit, but not eat it, and return home quickly to restore Laura to health. The first team to return home and restore Laura wins.

Escape from Goblin Market rules

Suggestions from Other Class Members

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Interpretive Essays

Kaitlin's Essay
Nichole's Essay
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