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The following are links to example course sites (syllabi, assignments, and “practicums”) for Alan Liu’s courses at UCSB during 2013-2018. I also curate a site titled DH Toychest containing a large set of digital humanities guides and tools in support of my courses.

Undergraduate Courses

English 25 (large lecture course on “Literature and the Information, Media, and Communication Revolutions”) — Example from Spring 2017:

English 113MI (small lecture and discussion course on “Modern Literary Theory”) — Example from Spring 2015:

English 149 (small seminar and project-building course titled “Literature+ (Experimenting With Digital Approaches to Understanding Literature)” — Example from Winter 2018 (this instance of  course co-taught with graduate student Jamal Russell):

English 197 (senior seminar and project-building course titled  “Hacking Literary Interpretation”) — Spring 2015:

English 197 (senior seminar titled “Close Reading and Distant Reading in Literary Studies”) — Winter 2014

Arnhold Collaborative Research Group titled “Making the Humanities Public” (two-quarter research group with independent studies courses in one quarter) — Winter-Spring 2016-2017:

Graduate Courses

English 236 (later renumbered 238) (graduate seminar titled “Digital Humanities: Introduction to the Field”) — Example from Winter 2017: