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KCSB-FM Interview with Alan Liu on “The Importance of the Humanities.” Interview by KCSB-FM Associate News Director Kendra Lee. 11 August 2016. Santa Barbara/Mannheim.


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Interview by David Miller, Director, Center for Digital Humanities, University of South Carolina. 10 September 2010.


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Interview with Alan Liu conducted during the Pauley Symposium on “History in the Digital Age.” University of Nebraska—Lincoln. 22 September 2006.


Interview by Geert Lovink. “‘I work here, but I am cool’: Interview with Alan Liu.” Nettime-l list. 23 February 2006. <>

Interview by Sue Thomas. Mapping the Transition from Page to Screen research project. trAce Online Writing Center. Nottingham Trent University, UK. October 2002.


Interview. Center for Information Technology (CITS). University of California, Santa Barbara. 20 August 2001.

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