Course Wiki (co-produced with students):

English 194 WikiCourse Description: This is a UCSB undergraduate research workshop or practicum (limited to 15 students) in which participants break into teams to pursue research related to literature and the culture of information. (The course may be counted for the English Department’s Literature and Culture of Information specialization.) The theme of this instance of the course is the relation between “creative” and “collaborative” models of authorship. Students will publish research into these topics on a collective, online research Web site produced through a “wiki” publishing and editing environment that enacts the process of creative collaboration. (Indeed, the collaborative wiki publishing environment will itself be one of the topics of the course.) Readings will include primary and secondary texts spanning from the era of Romanticism to recent theories and practices of “authorship,” “creativity,” “collaboration,” “innovation,” “peer-to-peer,” “intellectual property,” “open source,” “blogs,” etc.