May 2013

"The Meaning of the Digital Humanities"

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Citation: “The Meaning of the Digital Humanities.” PMLA 128 (2013): 409-23.

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N. Katherine Hayles, “Interview with Alan Liu.” Online addendum to Hayles, How We Think for How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012). Interview posted May 2013.

Citation: “The Digital Humanities and Identity Issues.” Alan Liu, 11 May 2013.


I think that the distinctive identity issue to address in considering “the intermingling of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability and the digital humanities” is the political economy of digital-human identity today. Such identity consists in a relational set of overlaps and differences between at least two [groups] of the digital human: those who stand in the position of producers or managers of the technologies and media that shape life in the information age, and those whose “power of identity” (to use Manuel Castells’s term from his trilogy about network society) is shaped by or against those technologies and media without having direct access to producing or managing them.  . . .

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“The Meaning of Digital Humanities.” Stony Brook University, SUNY. 6 May 2013.

“4Humanities — Planning Next Generation Digital Humanities Tools for Public Engagement.” Digital Humanities Initiative, New York University. 2 May 2013.

Publicity poster“The Meaning of the Digital Humanities.” Goldstone Lecture. New York University. 1 May 2013.

  • Video Video of talk (1 hr. 47 min.) [Talk presents a fuller version of the paper subsequently published in PMLA.]